Why you Should Consider Buying Off the Plans!

building plans

When looking for a property, there are a number of options that you could explore and that’s what makes the process enjoyable. Shopping for a new home is a little more specific where you could either buy a property that’s already built, or you could purchase one off the plans.

The advantages of buying off the plans are plenty!

For starters, you get a brand-new home which complies with all the latest building standards and the price is fixed at the time of purchasing.

These developments are often located on highly convenient sites- close to transport links or within attractive schooling zones. There are many more benefits but there are also some factors to consider before you go ahead and put down a deposit on a plan!

The first thing is the size and quality of the development. More specifically, you should also check the standard of the fittings and finishing in general.

The location and views are another important factor to consider. With Auckland’s landscape rapidly changing, properties are popping up all over the place. It’s vital to check the zoning of the region to make sure that your view won’t be compromised in future.

Buyers checking out the plans
Make sure to check your plans!

There are a few other factors to check if it’s an apartment or a walk-up home that you desire. Firstly, make sure you look into the body corporate and double check the indicative fees as well. Then, check the level of sound proofing to make sure it meets the latest building standards.

It may seem like extra effort to do all of this but it pays off eventually. Buying a property off the plans is often much more affordable than buying an already built property. Not only that, you also have the opportunity to customise your home. Most developers will even allow you to choose colours!

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