The DDL Homes Guide to Flat Bush

A map of Flat Bush

Welcome to the fourth edition of the ‘DDL Homes Guide’. This time we take a good look at Flat Bush, a vibrant new suburb in East Auckland

Flat Bush is a special suburb to us not just because of its diversity and exponential growth. It’s close to our heart because we are veterans in the area. 293 & 301 Flat Bush School Road is a key development for us. Along with that, we have plenty of experience in the nearby Ormiston precinct as well. Terraces and freestanding houses, we have done the lot there! As such, we know the area better than most and it’s an area that our staff are passionate about too. There are many things that make this suburb so desirable but there’s a few key things we will pick up on-

Barry Curtis Park as seen from above
No shortage of green spaces in the area!

1- The Schools

Just down the road from the aptly named Flat Bush School Road is Te Uho O Te Nikau Primary School. A new school in the area that’s already making waves! Once you have moved past that then you have access to the Ormiston duo of schools. All enjoying their fair share of limelight when it comes to education results. Ormiston Junior College and Ormiston Senior College are that dynamic duo. They have been recognised far & wide not just for their results but also for their ways of teaching. Talk to the locals and they will tell you exactly how revered these three schools are.

2- Convenience

The convenience factor of the suburb is made up of many parts. Firstly, the road network. Flat Bush is a suburb with a strong road network feature Ormiston Road and Te Irirangi Drive to name a couple. These key arterial routes connect the suburb to places like Maraetai and Dannemora. Along with that, there are strong bus links that connect you to Manukau’s transport interchange. The interchange has recently had a massive revamp and transport there will take you straight into Auckland City. Looking to cycle places? Perfect! The well planned roads have plenty of room for cycle lanes as well. It really is a suburb for the future.

Then there’s the shopping. Recently, the talk of Flat Bush has been Ormiston’s brand new Town Centre. It’s a state of the art facility with a shopping precinct, dining selection and entertainment for the family. Forming a key part of the suburb’s future, the Town Centre is said to attract even more spending power and growth.

Ormiston's new Town Centre
Ormiston’s new Town Centre is a highlight of Flat Bush

3- Lifestyle

The lifestyle aspect of the suburb is another key aspect. Once you’ve explored the schools and the long list of shops as well. Then there’s the parks, of which there are a few nearby. Barry Curtis Park is arguably the pride of Flat Bush with the park being Auckland’s largest since Cornwall Park. Barry Curtis includes everything from open green spaces to walking tracks, skate parks and then some! Don’t forget the famous bridge that divides the two sides of the park as well. Alongside that, we have Murphys Bush, Riviera Drive Park and Salford Park. All of which add a touch of nature to a bustling neighbourhood.

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