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With FOMO rampant in the current market, it’s easy to get swept up in the heat of it all. However, this only results in a rushed purchase with subpar service and poor quality. At DDL Homes, you won’t face any of these problems because we do things differently.

Just read below to see five reasons why you should make your next home a DDL Home.

We build with you in mind

Here at DDL Homes, we like to build homes that offer no compromises. We pick our locations so that they offer you the best of everything. Our homes are either located close to transport hubs or the best schools or both! Located just around the corner from shops and shopping precincts, you could even do without a car at a DDL Home, they are really that convenient.

Happy customers
Our friendly team make sure your purchasing process is an enjoyable one!

We don’t do KiwiBuild

KiwiBuild’s struggles are well documented by this point. We can save you the hassle of dealing with that because we don’t do KiwiBuilds! You can skip the long ballot lines and heavy paperwork by just choosing to buy with us. It is really that simple!

We specialize in smartly designed affordable homes in great locations and have plenty of offerings to suit budgets under $650,000. Why is that number significant? It’s because $650,000 marks the cap for the government’s Home Start Grant. And yes, you can be eligible without having to buy a KiwiBuild property. Sound good? We’ve currently got 2-bedroom walk-up homes selling for $579,000 in the extremely convenient suburb of Ormiston. At little more than half the median price of a home in Auckland, that sounds like a pretty sweet deal!

Passing on the keys to a DDL Home.
You can be sure that your DDL Home will stand the test of time

We offer 10 year warranties on our builds

Being a MasterBuild approved company doesn’t come easy and we certainly like our new builds to live up to the DDL standard of quality. Our terraced and freestanding homes come with a 10-year Master Build guarantee giving you peace of mind when buying with us. On the other hand, our walk-up homes also come with a 10-year building warranty. We offer these warranties to reinforce the fact that you shouldn’t have any qualms about buying from DDL.

You are always in the loop

Buying with us means that you are always updated on what’s going on with your property. We will send you fortnightly construction updates with pictures of the site, something that has become a firm favourite of our buyers. These updates are organized by blocks and you will be notified as to what block your property falls under making it extremely easy for you to stay in the loop.

We have also introduced a new feature especially for our buyers which is the DDL customer portal! This portal too has seen a lot of love from our buyers because it breaks down the different stages of the construction process and shows the progress through innovative bars and graphs. Every home owner gets a unique login to access their customer portal, a feature that makes it quick and easy for you to check on the progress of your house.

An example of a DDL Homes customer portal
What your DDL customer portal could look like!

Our friendly team put you first

Our sales consultants are well informed and can answer all your questions about our products. Should you have more technical questions, we can find the right people at DDL to answer those for you. We pride ourselves on being honest and transparent with our customers to make sure that you get the property of your dreams!

These are just five reasons to choose DDL for your next home. Not convinced? Get in touch with us to see the DDL difference for yourself!

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