The Benefits of Apartment Living

The concept of apartment living isn’t new to Aucklanders. In fact, apartment buildings have been around for a while and are especially popular in the CBD area! However, some things are new about them like the locations. Previously, they were confined to the city centre, offering easy access to the offices and transport hubs but now, low rise buildings are popping up all around the city.

With all the benefits that they offer, it isn’t hard to see why more New Zealanders are switching to apartments for their residence. Aucklanders in particular are taking to them well as apartments usually offer an affordable alternative when compared to the $950,000 median house price for the city. That is one of the key benefits of apartment living, here are some more:

Firstly, they have low maintenance needs. In our increasingly busy lives, apartments offer a great solution to freeing up time. There is no gardening or maintenance involved because the body corporation takes care of all the shared spaces and the general upkeep of the building. All this helps improve the affordability of an apartment because there is no need to hire a gardener or carry out any of the other maintenance work that a regular house will need over time.

Apartments usually create close knit communities and that can turn into friendships over time. Besides, it’s always nice to be in the good books of your neighbours as they can keep an eye on the property when you are away.
Being in an apartment community also offers a greater sense of security with more people around and that safety factor is also improved by the available security systems. The best ones include a surveillance system and most of them will also have secure access to the building.

While the aforementioned benefits are attractive to anyone considering apartment living, there is one that massively outweighs them and that is location! ‘Location, location, location’, how many times have you heard that old phrase? It is popular because that is the truth, apartments offer unparalleled convenience as far as location is concerned. They are usually located close to transport hubs, shopping centres and those all-important school zones. Plus, their height means that you get uninterrupted views of some great scenery.

All apartments offer these benefits in some way, but few do it as well as 397 Ormiston Road. Here at DDL Homes, we call them walk-ups because they are three level buildings which means that lifts can be avoided and that in turn helps reduce the yearly body corporation fee. If you have not heard that term before then fear not because we have covered all you need to know about body corps on another page.

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